Hey, I’m Laura, A Green Living & Money Coach

I teach reluctant capitalists how to cultivate true wealth & financial resilience on a climate challenged planet.


What You’ll Find Here!

Sustainable & Regenerative Investing

Find out how to invest your money (and earn a financial return) in ways that address our major social and environmental challenges instead of causing them.

Financial Independence

Learn how to achieve financial resilience and enrich your life without compromising your values.

Permaculture & Green Living

Explore tools for eco-friendly living that will save you money and the planet.

Wealth Mindset

Take inspiration from the abundance inherent in nature to design your rich & resilient life.

About Me

Laura Oldanie

I help people align their money and their lifestyles with their values.

I’m an out-of-the-box thinker, who is no longer willing to follow mainstream advice about building wealth on a climate-challenged planet.

I created this website to share resources, ideas, tools, and inspiration that can foster lasting abundance and well-being in our lives, our communities, and for all of the creatures with which we share our beautiful planet.


What Clients Are Saying

money coaching

“Laura’s efforts to help me redefine resiliency in my family made me see that by conflating financial security with resiliency, I was off-balance. I realized that by prioritizing my career and my fiancé’s career above all else, I was sacrificing resiliency in my mental health and in my relationships. I truly feel happier and calmer after working with her”


“Through our consultations with Laura my wife and I gained greater insight and clarity into our real wants and goals, which helped us arrive at a plan for the near and distant future. Realizing what you really want, and knowing at least the next few steps is a rewarding part of her process and we look forward to our emergent, low input, and high yield polyculture that will grow from our financial environment!”


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