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Sustainable & Regenerative Investing

All the resources on this page are either things I’ve used myself or I learned about from a highly-regarded source in the new economy space. I hope you find this list helpful and that it saves you the hours and hours of time I spent researching it all.

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Impact Banking – Break Up With Your Mega Bank

 Aspiration Bank offers socially-conscious and sustainable banking services and investment products, so you can make money while making the world a better place. (You and I will both get $25 when you open a new  account using this link.**)

racial equity investing

Take the #BankBlack Challenge and open an account with One United Bank**, the largest black-owned bank in the nation. It’s also a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), which means, it is required to direct the majority of its lending dollars to things that benefit the community (e.g., lending to low-income families, investing in small businesses, etc.).

Sustainable Investment Options

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Move your money from Wall Street to Main Street and earn 5% by investing in Worthy bonds. Your money will be put to work fueling small businesses across the U.S.A and providing them access to much-needed capital. (You and I will both receive a $10 bond when you open a new account with a minimum balance of $200 0r more using this link.**)

With CNote**, your investment earns 2.75% interest and supports Main-Street America, funding small business loans, affordable housing, and community development in low-income areas. (You and I will both get $10 when you open a new account using this link.**)

Crowdfunding Websites

Local Investing



Regenerative Economy



SRI (socially responsible investing) / Impact Investing – Overview



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