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Speaking & Workshops

I’m on a mission to show people how to experience a more expansive and resilient version of wealth. It starts with focusing on how we earn, spend, invest, and manage our money striving for a triple bottom line that equally values people, planet, and profit. As climate disasters, economic uncertainties, and social challenges unfold around us, more and more people are seeking to align their money with their values and I can show them how.

Yet financial capital is only one of a number of valuable forms of capital in our lives. By coming to understand these additional forms of capital and the fulfillment and meaning they bring to our lives we begin to connect with that broader view of wealth. And then we can truly begin to cultivate a rich and resilient life.  

From giving keynote presentations to participating in panel discussions or leading corporate or personal development workshops, I’d love to bring any or all of this message to your audience.

Presentation Topics

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Camp Mustache 2019
  • Capitalism Survival Strategies
  • Designing Your FREE* Life (*Financiall Resilient & Economically Empowered)
  • How to Achieve Financial Resilience on a Climate Challenged Planet
  • Regenerative Personal Finance
  • Socially Responsible Investing Beyond Wall Street
  • Social Justice Investing
  • Applying Permaculture Principles to Personal Finance
  • How Tree Huggers, Activists, & Hippies Can Come into Right Relationship with Money
  • Multiple Forms of Capital as the Foundation of True and Resilient Wealth
  • Sustainable and Creative Living as a Path to Financial Independence
  • Waste to Value – Tapping the Waste Stream and Other Free Resources to Save Money and the Planet

For all inquiries please reach out to me via the Contact page.