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Do you feel like you have a pretty good handle on your personal finances, but would like to do more to align your money and lifestyle with your environmentally and socially conscious values?

Do you hesitate to engage with money because you believe it’s negatively impacting people and our beautiful planet? But instead it’s negatively impacting you by keeping you in debt or from learning and making informed decisions about money.

Would you like to discuss money and lifestyle choices with someone who shares your sustainable and regenerative values and can help you apply a more expansive view of true wealth to your decision-making?

Are you beginning to contemplate the growing limitations of money to solve all your problems and meet all your needs in the face of climate change and growing social upheaval?

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How Can Resilient & Regenerative Wealth Coaching Help You?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then Resilient & Regenerative Wealth Coaching is for you. We’ll work together to apply regenerative practices and permaculture* principles to create resilience and establish true, stable, and long-lasting wealth and well being in your life.

We’ll do that by focusing on a few of the following:

  • environmentally and socially conscious ways to earn, spend, invest, and manage money
  • tapping the multiple forms of capital (not just financial capital) to ensure physical, financial, and emotional resilience
  • embracing a sense of enough versus constantly striving for more
  • getting clear on what’s most important to you so that you can live intentionally and align your decisions to support that
  • coming into right relationship with money and true wealth, recognizing that it can be earned, saved, managed, and invested in regenerative ways
  • recognizing the abundance that surrounds you that you are likely overlooking
  • creative solutions that reduce unnecessary consumption
  • increasing your resourcefulness resulting in greater personal satisfaction
  • community sufficiency and interconnectedness as a form of wealth and resilience over self-sufficiency

*Permaculture is a design science that looks to nature’s closed loop, no waste, abundance-based system as the model.

What Are People Saying about Resilient & Regenerative Wealth Coaching?

What Resilient & Regenerative Wealth Coaching Is and Isn’t….

Are you interested in working with me? That’s fantastic! Before we go any further on this journey though, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page about what coaching does and doesn’t entail so you are satisfied with this experience.

Terms such as mentor, consultant, advisor, and coach are often used interchangeably, yet there are subtle and important differences to the services each provides. A coach’s role is to help clients unlock their potential to maximize their own performance.

As your Resilient and Regenerative Wealth Coach, my primary role will be to provide you with tools, resources, and information based in a more regenerative approach, which you can then apply to the personal finance and lifestyle design challenges with which you are grappling.

Please note: While I will happily share resources and information about my personal Resilient & Regenerative Wealth building journey including the many socially conscious investing opportunities I have learned about, I am NOT a financial advisor so I will NOT be giving you any financial advice.

Resilient & Regenerative Wealth Coaching

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Each coaching call package consists of:

1 video call during which we will review your current situation and strategize next steps (the video coaching session will be conducted via Zoom)

1 follow up email from me that will include written, video, and audio resources addressing your current needs

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