Design Your Rich & Resilient Life

Use these tools to achieve true wealth and well-being in ways that benefit you, your community, and the planet.

Growing FREE – Get the Book Here!!!!!!!!!!

Growing FREE

Are you ready to achieve true wealth in ways that bring about a better life and a better world for you, your family, and your community?

This book will show you how to design a rich, amazing, and financially viable life doing things that address our major social and environmental challenges instead of perpetuating them. As a potentially serious economic recession looms in our future and financial capital feels even more fragile and speculative, the timing could not be better for us to expand our thinking around transformative assets, investments, and wealth.

Building Regenerative Wealth – A Pay What You Can Course

Regenerative wealth

Do you long to move beyond the false scarcity our society has constructed to cultivate a more expansive view of wealth that improves your quality of life as well as your bottom line?

Maybe you’ve sensed glimmers of overlooked abundance in the way forests continually enrich themselves or how many still usable items end up in our “waste” stream. The world around us is literally bursting with productive energy, yet we are continually fed messages of lack and shortages. In this course you’ll learn to apply nature’s regenerative principles to your efforts to build true wealth for yourself and your community.

Revealing Hidden Paths to True Wealth & a Brighter Future – $10

If you’re ready to stop spending your precious time and energy focusing on actions that actually keep you trapped on the earn, spend, and repeat hamster wheel of capitalism then be sure to join us for this unique workshop.

We’ll show you how to grow true wealth and become FREE (Financially Resilient & Economically Empowered) by shifting the way you think about money, wealth, consumption, and livelihood. Get ready to start truly transforming your paradigms around money so you can unlock the powerful tools you need to design your life around wealth generating systems that also transform society.

*FREE* Multiple Forms of Capital Worksheets

multiple forms of capital

Taking inventory of all the many forms of capital in our lives can show us how much real wealth we already have access to. Pondering these forms of wealth and their related currencies can grow and shift our understanding of the world and the transactions we engage in. Additionally, cultivating multiple forms of wealth increases our resilience to weather financial and other hardships. Hopefully, after taking a closer look you’ll see that in many ways you already are truly rich beyond measure.

Towards Regenerative Investing Beginner’s Guide

regenerative economy

To truly find opportunities to invest in the solutions and not the causes of our social and environmental problems we have to look outside the stock market.

 Most people have no idea about this, but there are actually more and more opportunities to invest in assets off Wall Street that provide a financial return as well as a social and/or environmental return. I’ve spent the last seven years researching them and compiled all that I’ve learned into this pay what you want Beginner’s Guide to Regenerative Investing. If you want to really start aligning your money with your values, but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you.