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This one of a kind book will teach you how to reclaim your life, achieve financial security, thwart capitalism, and create a better world. What are you waiting for?

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About the Authors

Mike Hoag

Michael is founder of Transformative Adventures. He’s a Permaculture designer and consultant who has participated in over 300 regenerative enterprise projects.

Michael has over 20 years experience in building the new economy, having worked on farms of all scales, as a landscape designer, a business designer and consultant, with a farm credit operation, at a commodities exchange, as a college educator, and with environmental organizations including PIRGIM, the Sierra Club, Michigan Safe Energy Future, and many more.

Michael was the lead writer and organizer for Growing Free, and collaborated with Laura Oldanie on creating the content for the book and course.

Laura Oldanie (yours truly!!)

Laura is a green living and money coach who blogs at Rich & Resilient Living, where she explores money and lifestyle choices for a regenerative future. Her goal is to help people achieve financial freedom and live their best lives in socially and environmentally conscious ways that equally value people, planet, and profit. She received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2009 and has been exploring how to earn, spend, invest, and manage her money to bring about the change she wants to see in the world ever since.

She has been a sought-after source of knowledge on regenerative investing and has been featured in Forbes, Your Money or Your Life, Good Housekeeping, CNBC, the Permaculture podcast, and many others! Laura co-created Growing FREE course and content with Michael Hoag and also contributed to the book Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World.

Eric Brown

Eric comes to Growing FREE with a background as a successful entrepreneur, founding Urbane Apartments in 2003 with a focus on the residents’ experience and quality of life. He’s The Second Act Entrepreneur and author of a book by the same name.

But more importantly, Eric brings a passion for helping people find the FREE lifestyle they’re dreaming of, with an understanding that true wealth is based on sharing, having time, and following our passions.

Jenny Nazak

Jenny Nazak is a writer, artist, and permaculture educator based based in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. She is the author of the “small-footprint living large” guidebook, DEEP GREEN, and blog She believes that everyday people, through their daily choices, have the power to create a just and sustainable civilization. She is setting out to spark a “Grassroots Green Mobilization.” Some years back, she noticed that her ultra-low-footprint lifestyle, undertaken for the collective good, was also bringing her great personal benefit in terms of financial resilience, occupational freedom, and happiness. She has been known to do standup comedy about biospheric collapse, and is working on a humorous novel about Zombie Apocalypse themes. She likes DIY fashion and chunky jewelry. 

Jason Padvorac

Jason is a husband, father, community resilience teacher, karate instructor, herbalist, Permaculture designer and founder of SustenceNW.

Trained in biomedical research, he has a life-long love of science but also finds himself drawn to older traditions and the paradoxically simpler yet more sophisticated work of caring for ecosystems as gardens, working with herbs, and foraging.

He has found his right livelihood at this intersection of his passions, spending his time teaching “all kinds of stuff,” with plenty of space for true abundance and family.